2020 Board Members

A Dedicated Group of Christians with a Love for Family and Rodeo

Chad Chambers-cropped

Chad Chambers - Rodeo Chaplain

CYRA members for 9 years.

Vincent Ouellette-cropped

Vincent Ouellette - President

CYRA Alum and members for 2 years

Amy Hoefer-cropped

Amy Hoefer - Vice President

CYRA members for 4 years

Erin Zook-cropped

Erin Zook - Secretary

CYRA members for 7 years

Cassey Shupe-cropped

Cassey Shupe - Treasurer

CYRA members for 3 years

Chandy Prouty-cropped

Chandy Prouty - Memberships

CYRA members for 4 years 

Sarah Kahle-cropped

Sarah Kahle - Points Secretary

CYRA members for 4 years

Amy Shannon-cropped

Amy Shannon - Youth Board Director

CYRA members for 7 years

Jenny Hughes-cropped

Jenny Hughes - Arena Director

CYRA members for 4 years

Youth Board Members

Clay Shannon-cropped2

Clay Shannon - President

CYRA member for 7 years

Zoe Chambers-cropped

Zoe Chambers - Vice President

CYRA member for 9 years

Montana Heller-cropped2

Montana Heller - Secretary

CYRA member for 8 years

Brody Prouty-cropped

Brody Prouty - Treasurer

CYRA member for 4 years

Justus Lawton-cropped

Justus Lawton - Director

CYRA member for 3 years

Brylee Zook-cropped

Brylee Zook - Director

2019 CYRA Princess

CYRA member for 7 years 

Jenna Weeks Hannagan - CYRA Queen-cropped

Jenna Weeks Hannagan - Royalty

2020 CYRA Queen

CYRA member for 4 years